After 36 years Timberline Sporting Goods is Going Out of Business.
Everything Must Go!
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Currently we are a full line Hoyt, BowTech, Diamond, and Bear Archery dealer. We stock a variety of accessories from arrows and broadheads to stabilizers and sights. During the hunting season we also stock various scents, scent covers, camo and targets. Finally we stock a variety of arrows from Easton, Carbon Express, and Gold Tip. All the gear you need to make your archery hunt a success!

We offer a full pro-shop for tuning and bow repair. Broken and worn bows can sometimes be repaired, either way bring it by so we can take a look.


Timberline Sporting Goods, LLC
124 West 2nd St. - Rifle, Colorado 81650
Phone: 970.625.4868