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Gun Transfers
and Background Checks

To Receive a Gun:

$45.00 (includes background check)

To send a gun to Timberline

This is all you need to do:

1. Have your seller contact us at and request a copy of our FFL (we do not send it to individuals, it needs to be an FFL).

2. Make sure that they include documentation sharing the recipient's contact information. 

3. Recipient must complete a background check, unless it is a muzzleloader. You will need a federal or state I.D. with your current address.

To Send a Gun:


It's still just as easy! 

1. We need a copy of the FFL it is going to, whether you bring it in, or we are required to contact the FFL doesn't matter.

2. Bring the gun in completely unloaded and unboxed, we are required to inspect the gun before shipping.

3. Make sure that the recipients contact information is included.

4. Hand guns are required to be shipped two day.

5. We will pack the gun and get you a quote on shipping costs.

6. Our fee to ship for you is $50.00. This does not include the cost of shipping.

Private Transfers

$45.00 (includes background check)

1. Bring the gun in unloaded 

2. Both parties must have current federal or state I.D. with current address.

3. receiving party must complete a background check

Background Check


1. Must have current federal or state I.D. with current address 

FFL Requests

We do not send our FFL to private parties. To request our FFL please email us at

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